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Dear St. George Parishioners:

The Church Board wanted to send out an update regarding guidelines related to the Corona Virus (COVID-19) and as we previously mentioned, we are taking proactive measures to address the concerns of our faithful in regard to this current pandemic crisis. Our priorities are to protect the health of our parishioners and their families and to minimize the spread of the virus in our Church community.


Due to Johnson County extending the mandate of the Governor of Kansas’s Executive Order (20-52), the Church Board has decided to continue the requirement of face masks inside the church. If you are in need of a face mask, the church has purchased additional face masks that can be distributed. After you enter the church, please proceed to a pew and maintain social distancing. No one will be allowed to remain in the narthex area of the church. For those of you that would like to make a donation, there is a box placed on the Tutor’s stand in the narthex where you can place your donation.

If you or anyone in your family are experiencing any of the following symptoms (per the CDC COVID-19 website), PLEASE STAY AT HOME TO NOT SPREAD THIS VIRUS:

  • Fever (anything over 100.4 degrees F)
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Persistent Pain or Pressure in the Chest
  • New Confusion or Inability to Arouse
  • Bluish Lips or Face
  • Do you have reason to believe you have been exposed?

We will continue to Live Stream the Divine Liturgy service’s going forward to allow those who are unable to attend the opportunity to participate from home.

October Schedule:

Sunday, October 18th. 19th Sunday after Pentecost /Недеља, 18 Октобар. 19 Недеља по Духовима
10 А.М.  Divine Liturgy/Божанствена Литургија.

Wednesday, October 21th. Ven. Pelagia/Среда, 21 Октобар. Преп. Пелагија
9 А.М.  Divine Liturgy/Божанствена Литургија.

Saturday Evening , October 24th. Субота увече , 24 Октобар
5 PM Vespers/ Вечерње у 5 часова

Sunday, October 25th. 20th Sunday after Pentecost /Недеља, 25 Октобар. 20 Недеља по Духовима
10 А.М.  Divine Liturgy/Божанствена Литургија.

Tuesday, October 27th. St. Petka Paraskeva/Среда, 27 Октобар.  Св. Петка Параскева.
9 А.М.  Divine Liturgy/Божанствена Литургија.

Saturday, October 31st. St. Luke the Evangelist and St. Bishop King Petar Wonderworker of Cetinje./ Субота, 31 Октобар. Св. Еванђелист Лука и Св. Петар Цетињски.
9 А.М.  Divine Liturgy/Божанствена Литургија.

Ancient Christianity in the KC area, via Serbia
The current church building was constructed in 2006 and is located near College Boulevard and Pflumm Road in Lenexa.
The current church building was constructed in 2006 and is located near College Boulevard and Pflumm Road in Lenexa.
The current church building was constructed in 2006 and is located near College Boulevard and Pflumm Road in Lenexa.

Apostolic Christianity in Serbia (located in Southeast Europe) dates back to the seventh century. Christianity eventually became the state religion, and the Serbian Orthodox Church received ecclesiastical independence in 1219 with the consecration of St. Sava as the nation's archbishop. Orthodox Christianity became the country's primary religion and remains so to this day.

During a wave of immigration to the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries , a Serbian community was established in Kansas City, Kansas. The community constructed a meeting hall, which held occasional services until St. George Church was chartered on April 18, 1906 in a home that was remodeled into a small church building. A more permanent church building and meeting hall was constructed in Kansas City, Kansas at the corner of Bethany and Lowell in 1925. This remained the location of the parish until 2006, when the new St. George church building (pictured above) was consecrated in Lenexa, Kansas. St. George Church continues the tradition of Orthodox Christianity that can be traced from that original Serbian community in Kansas City, to Europe, to the Apostles.

Visitors are welcome at our church services and special events. Contact Father Radomir if you have questions.

Click the links below to learn more about our priest, our history, our diocese, and our patriarchate:

St. George Church Iconostasis

One of the first things that strikes a non-Orthodox visitor to an Orthodox church is the prominent place assigned to the Holy Icons. The Iconostasis (Icon-screen) dividing the Altar from the rest of the church is covered with them, while others are placed in prominent places throughout the church building. Sometimes even the walls and ceiling are covered with them in fresco or mosaic form. The Orthodox faithful prostrate themselves before them, kiss them, and burn candles before them. They are censed by the Priest and carried in processions. 


St. George Serbian Orthodox Church | Lenexa, Kansas